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Why is Flexi-T developed?

The first IUDs were made of plastic. The bigger the IUD, the more effective it was. This often caused adverse effects such as bleeding and pain. A breakthrough was reached in the seventies, when copper was added to improve its effectiveness, making it possible to use smaller plastic frames. Furthermore, women are now having fewer children, and having them at a later age. Since the size of the uterus is affected by having children, this means that the average size of the uterus is smaller. Unfortunately, this knowledge did not lead the industry to develop smaller IUDs straight away.

Flexi-T is the first IUD that was developed to remedy the side effects of the oversized models made of hard and stiff material. The result is a flexible, woman-friendly IUD specifically designed to fit the dimensions of the uterus.
In this way, the Flexi-T has demonstrated that effectiveness and tolerance can go together well.

Which Flexi-T models are available?

Flexi-T 300

This small type is especially developed for women who have not yet had children. The dimension of the Flexi-T 300 is: length of the shaft 28 mm, width of the transverse arms 23 mm. The Flexi-T 300 has copper on the shaft only. The total amount of copper on the Flexi-T 300 IUD is 300 mm².

Flexi-T+ 300 and Flexi-T+ 380.

These somewhat bigger types are especially developed for women who already have children. The dimensions of both types are: length of the shaft 32 mm. width of the transverse arms 28 mm The Flexi-T+ 300 has 300 mm² of copper on the shaft only, while the Flexi-T+ 380 has 380 mm² of copper distributed between the shaft and the transverse arms. Your GP and/or Gynaecologist can advice you which Flexi-T IUD would be the most suitable type for you.

What does Flexi-T look like?

Flexi-T is small, flexible and T-shaped, and is made of white plastic with smooth, rounded ends. The vertical part has smooth fine copper wire coiled around it.

One type (see: Which Flexi-T models are available) has copper sleeves on the transverse arms. The Flexi-T design is based on the womb’s natural shape and dimensions. This makes it a better fit.

How Flexi-T works ?

The traces of copper released locally by the IUD cause the sperm to lose their motility, thereby preventing fertilization. In addition, should an egg become fertilized, Flexi-T prevents it from embedding in the lining of the womb. This means the IUD is also perfectly suited for use as ‘Morning After’ contraception.

This double action starts as soon as Flexi-T has been fitted. Copper on both the shaft and the transverse arms create a more effective spread of copper ions.

Benefits of Flexi-T

Flexi-T is small and extremely flexible, making it easy to insert with very little or no pain.

Flexi-T’s well-designed shape also makes it very comfortable.

  • In practice, Flexi-T is as reliable as the contraceptive pill because its efficacy cannot be affected in any way: For example, you cannot forget the IUD, as you can the pill. Nor do diarrhoea, vomiting or medicines have any effect on the contraceptive action of Flexi-T.
  • Flexi-T does not contain hormones, allowing the natural menstrual cycle to be maintained. The IUD is also suitable for women in whom hormone-based contraception is contra-indicated (for example, in the case of pill fatigue, breast feeding, diabetes, heavy smoking, migraine, thrombosis, weight gain or mood swings).
  • Flexi-T remains effective for five years after being fitted. During this period you do not have to think about contraception on a daily basis. If you wish, after five years your doctor can replace the IUD with a new Flexi-T right away.
  • Flexi-T provides protection against pregnancy immediately after insertion. It has no after effects, so you will be fertile again as soon as it is removed.
For whom is Flexi-T suitable?

In principle there is a Flexi-T IUD available for all women in a reproductive age, providing they do not have an abnormality of the womb. Your GP or Gynaecologist will be able to assess this. For women who want local action without hormones, and long-term and worry-free contraception in the most natural possible way, Flexi-T offers a highly suitable form of protection against pregnancy.

Flexi-T is also suitable for women who are breast-feeding, those who are in between pregnancies or as an alternative to sterilization.

Reliability of Flexi-T

Flexi-T is extremely reliable. There is a very small risk of pregnancy: of, less than 1%. In practice, Flexi-T has been found to be as reliable as the pill, particularly because it cannot be forgotten and is not affected by the use of certain medications.

Availability of Flexi-T

The availability of Flexi-T varies from country to country, and between regions. If you wish to know whether Flexi-T is available near you, please send an e-mail to or call Prosan International B.V. on +31 (0)26 – 365 33 63.

Costs of Flexi-T

In some countries, the Flexi-T itself, its insertion and any necessary follow-up visits are entirely covered by national health insurance and/or private insurance. The retail price of the Flexi-T in Europe is approximately € 40.00. Generally your local pharmacy can inform you how much you would have to pay for Flexi-T.

Fitting Flexi-T

Flexi-T can be easily fitted by your GP or Gynaecologist. The diameter of the small tube which the GP will use to insert the IUD is approximately 3 mm. The tube is smaller than the one used for traditional IUDs, which means that insertion causes very little or no pain at all.
The best time to insert the IUD is during menstruation. The risk of an existing pregnancy is minimal at this time, and the neck of the womb is slightly open, making it even easier for the IUD to be inserted.


We recommend that the first check-up takes place after the first menstruation following insertion of the IUD. Your GP or Gynaecologist will check if the Flexi-T IUD is still in the correct position. Thereafter your doctor will generally recommend regular check-ups, for example once a year.


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