Can you feel the coil during intercourse?

If the coil is properly positioned, neither partner should notice the coil during intercourse.

Can the body reject the coil?

Sometimes the coil can be rejected by the body, but this is very rare with Flexi-T. The woman-friendly shape means that Flexi-T is almost always accepted by the body.

Is the copper in the coil harmful to my health?

The copper is not harmful to your health. The small amount of copper released by the coil is far less than the amount you take in from tap water or food each day.

Can I continue to use tampons?

Tampons can be used as normal.

Can I exercise with Flexi-T?

You can exercise or swim without any problems with Flexi-T. The coil flexes with the womb when you move.

Is there a greater risk of infection?

The risk of infection is no greater than without the use of a coil. Copper also has a marked antibacterial action. It is even used  as an antibiotic. Prior to inserting the coil, your doctor will rule out the presence of an infection, such as Chlamydia, by carrying out an internal examination and, if necessary, a test. This is because any existing infection can be activated by the insertion of a coil.

Is there an increased risk of ectopic pregnancy?

The risk of an ectopic pregnancy with Flexi-T is less than in women who are not using any form of contraception.

How long will it be before I can become pregnant once the coil has been removed?

You will be fertile again as soon as the coil has been removed. 

Will menstruation stop after the coil has been inserted?

Flexi-T does not affect the hormone balance. Therefore your menstrual cycle will not change. In some women the blood loss increases slightly and menstruation lasts one to two days longer.

Can I also use Flexi-T after an ‘accident’?

Flexi-T can also be used as a ‘morning after’ form of contraception up to five days after the ‘accident’. It is even more effective than the morning after pill.

When should I consult my doctor?

  • If you can feel the coil in your vagina. 
  • If you are experiencing abnormal pain in your pelvic region, especially if this is accompanied by irregular bleeding and/or fever.
  • If you do not menstruate. 
  • In the case of excessive or frequent and persistent bleeding.

Does Flexi-T protect from sexually transmitted diseases (STD's)?

No, Flexi-T does not protect from HIV infection (AIDS) and other sexually transmitted diseases.    


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