Flexi-T 300 is one of the smallest T-shaped IUDs, especially suitable for women who have not had children, in the class of IUDs containing copper (dimensions: length 28 mm, width 23 mm).

Due to its small size, there is considerably less risk of premature expulsion. The diameter of the small tube, or sheath, which the doctor uses to insert the coil is approximately 3 mm. The inserter is thinner than those used for conventional IUDs, which means it is less painful to insert.

Flexi-T is very reliable. The risk of becoming pregnant is less than 1%. In practice, that means it is as reliable as the pill, partly because it cannot be forgotten!

Flexi-T is woman-friendly, since the shape is specifically designed to fit the internal shape of a woman's womb. This results in a high level of tolerance.

Flexi-T is already being used by millions of satisfied women worldwide.

Flexi-T can remain in place for up to 5 years.

Flexi-T does not affect the hormonal balance, so your normal cycle will not change and menstruation will follow its natural pattern. Blood loss increases slightly in some women and menstruation may last one or two days longer.

You can become pregnant immediately after its removal.

Flexi-T does not increase the risk of infection.

Flexi-T is flexible and does not attach itself to the uterine wall. Therefore it has a high level of acceptability and can easily be removed.

Flexi-T does not protect from STD's.




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